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We’ve partnered with organizations and companies who are dedicated to supporting caregivers and their families.

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Team Select Home Care

Team Select aims to provide exceptional in-home patient care, and proudly offers the Family CNA Program to parents and their loved ones in five states across the nation. The Family CNA Program offers an alternative, cost-effective care model that provides a solution for struggling medically fragile families and their loved ones. This program allows parents and legal guardians of medically fragile children to become paid, certified caregivers for their medically fragile loved one at no cost to them or the state. Team Select is working tirelessly to make the Family CNA Program available for families in need in all 50 states. Join our fight in creating the opportunity for all families to receive the care they deserve. Learn more at

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Boulo Solutions

Boulo connects women to companies that value women’s influence in the workplace, prioritize diversity, and promote a flexible work culture.

We help translate your personal skills into professional assets through our unique 360° profile. Join the 200+ women already placed into caregiving-friendly jobs, by becoming a member at

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Cariloop believes employers play an important role in improving the well-being of caregivers. The company works with employers to take time-consuming research and care coordination off employee caregivers’ plates so they can stress less and be more productive at work. From difficult conversations to complex care situations, from the beginning of life to the end and every moment in between, Cariloop will be in your corner every step of the way as you navigate a loved one’s care situation. Learn more at

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Numotion is the nation’s largest and leading provider of products and services that provide mobility, health and personal independence. Our focus in Complex Rehab Technology (CRT), urological supplies, home accessibility, accessible vehicles and other assistive technology helps improve the lives of people with disabilities and provide greater independence.

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Greater National Advocates

Greater National Advocates is a public service organization determined to improve the patient experience. We know the importance of having someone in your corner during a health care crisis. Our trusted online portal allows patients and their loved ones to quickly connect with a knowledgeable independent Patient Advocate who has experience dealing with hospitals, insurance companies, doctors and long term care facilities. Our goal is to help patients and loved ones cut through the red tape and find peace of mind. 

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My Do-D.A.D.

My Do-Dad harnesses the power of “Daily-Activity-Documentation” to help you gain insight into activities, events, successes, and setbacks that are always happening on the road to independent living. It creates clarity in daily progress, enhanced communication with providers and government organizations, as well as increased collaboration with team members.

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Courageous Parents Network

Courageous Parents Network is the free 24/7 Web and mobile destination for families and clinicians caring for children with serious illness and medical complexity. CPN offers a variety of resources for parents including a video library where you can hear from fellow parents, as well as medical providers, guides page, professionally reviewed by medical providers as a learning source for you, guided exploration by topic on their pathways page, detailed information by diagnosis, and many more resources. 

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At Elea, our mission is to help you care for your loved ones.

Elea Village is a virtual community that offers support, resources, and expert advice for families of children with special needs.

The Elea app helps digitize and securely store special education and medical records, and our virtual Care Concierge helps you find and apply for the services your child requires.

Join us and learn more at


CapeAble® Weighted Products creates weighted blankets, wearables and sensory products with proprietary Smartweight® Technology to enable inclusive wellness for all. 

In today’s over-scheduled and hectic world, CapeAble provides you and your family with life-changing, calming relief.

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The Lucas Project

The Lucas Project supports caregivers by providing recognition and respite. We believe that society is full of compassionate and kind individuals who want to help caregivers; however, if they don’t know what our needs are, they can’t help. Recognition is the first hurdle, and the second involves providing tangible relief for the families through respite options.

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Tucker’s House

Tucker’s House is a non-profit organization that partners with the families of children with disabilities to make their homes safer and more accessible. Their unique process partners an architectural designer with a physical/occupational therapist to make recommendations for retrofitting solutions that will serve the individual with disabilities throughout their lifetime and assist them every day. For families that qualify, Tucker’s House provides financial assistance to cover materials and labor.

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Spreading Sunshine

Spreading Sunshine brings joy to families impacted by childhood illness by sending care packages to children and providing support to the entire family.

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We Are Brave Together

The heart of We Are Brave Together, an international community of caregiving moms, is to strengthen, encourage, educate and inspire all moms of children with disabilities through their unique and difficult caregiving journeys. To be a caregiving mom is to be a mother who cares for a child or adult child with any type of challenge: medical, mental, behavioral, genetic, developmental, psychiatric, learning, cognitive, or physical. The We Are Brave Together community is woven with one common thread: we are here to support and strengthen one another, and increase our mental health amidst chronic hardship. We offer support groups, (virtual and in-person), retreats, retreat scholarships, and, our Brave Together Podcast, which is a library of inspiration, stories, and resources.

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The Striped Stable

 The Striped Stable teaches caregivers how to harness the power of social media to crowdfund for medical expenses insurance won’t cover. We believe in the power of authentic storytelling to bring awareness to the struggle many families face while trying to provide basic necessities, from mobility equipment and transportation to life-saving procedures and medication. TSS offers a clear look at the fundraising process and resources for caregivers to get started today.

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A Better Balance

A Better Balance, a national nonprofit advocacy organization, uses the power of the law to advance justice for workers, so they can care for themselves and their loved ones without jeopardizing their economic security.

ABB’s Workplace Rights Hub is your guide to the workplace laws that can help ensure you are free from discrimination and give you the time and support you need as you care for yourself and your loved ones.

Our free and confidential legal helpline can help you understand your workplace rights around caring for yourself and your family members.

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Rising Above

Rising Above Ministries offers support and encouragement for the entire special-needs family. Through a weekly podcast, resources for the family, a free app, and retreat events, Rising Above seeks to be a source of inspiration to families impacted by disability all over the world. To find out more, visit or download the Rising Above app on the app store or Google Play.

Take Care Time

Caregivers need respite too. Caregiving is the most unappreciated and thankless job in the world. That’s why we created the TakeCareTime respite box. It’s a bi-monthly subscription for caregivers to enjoy some much-needed time for themselves. With each box, you’ll get a bi-monthly supply of caregiving respite time essentials like books, soaps, puzzles, and more that are perfect for you to enjoy during your time away from caregiving. Our boxes are curated by caregivers, for caregivers, and packed with love! Learn more at

Mother’s Rest

A Mother’s Rest coordinates  therapeutic respite retreats exclusively for caregivers who have loved ones with disabilities and/or chronic medical conditions. These 3-night B&B retreats are held at B&B “Porch Partners” nationwide, as well as at our own year-round respite inns located in Central Maryland and North GeorgiaView our retreat calendar HERE.

Learn more about A Mother’s Rest…

I’m Not OK

Taking care of a child with chronic health issues is a full-time job, so where can busy, burdened parents find support?

Heather B. Amos collated the stories in I’m Not “OK” to answer that question. Her goal is to foster a compassionate and nurturing community of caregivers who find strength in numbers and thrive on the honest exchange of information. These stories describe the challenges of parenting special-needs children from the perspective of caregiving fathers, working mothers, siblings, teachers, and special-needs professionals. Through a series of probing interviews, Amos gleans invaluable tips for anyone experiencing the situation firsthand—and offers insights for all those who want to better understand and support these caregivers. Follow on Facebook or get the book HERE.


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A+J Patient Advocacy


A+J Patient Advocacy is your personal healthcare navigator – supporting children, teens, and young adults living with chronic illness. We believe in a collaborative approach to healthcare and work to ensure that every patient has timely and appropriate care.

As a nonprofit organization, all services are provided to patients and families free of charge. Services are available in-person throughout Southern Nevada or virtually across the United States. Follow the latest news across all channels using @heart4advocacy.


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The Heart of the Caregiver

Drowning in the emotions and responsibilities of caring for someone? You’re not alone. We’re here to help. The Heart of the Caregiver® provides the essential emotional and spiritual support YOU need.


Medical Mama
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The Medical Mama Compass

The Medical Mama Compass is a planner/organizer made just for medically complex parenting. Choose a mini edition (191 pages) or complete edition (330 pages) in either spiralbound or paperback. 
  • Weekly & monthly calendar spreads
  • Checkboxes for meds
  • Track symptoms, providers, specialists, therapies, health changes, medications, & more
  • Track appointments up to 24 months in the future
  • Manage incoming medical supplies, notes for medical equipment, & feeding tube care
  • Insurance call logs, payments for claims, deductibles, copays, and appeals
  • Daily meal planning for tube & table
  • Future planning
  • Emergency medical planning
  • Education/IEP coordination
  • Hospital packing list
  • Dedicated areas for caregiver personal growth & self-reflection, inspiration & positive mindset
  • Take care of yourself so you can take care of your family
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