We’ve partnered with organizations and companies who are dedicated to supporting caregivers and their families.

We Dare Be Brave

Inspired by their experiences of raising children with disabilities, three African American moms share how they deal with both the positive and the difficult emotions involved in the parenting journey.

The Medical Mama Compass

The Medical Mama Compass is a planner/organizer made just for medically complex parenting. Choose a mini edition (191 pages) or complete edition (330 pages) in either spiralbound or paperback.

I’m Not OK

Taking care of a child with chronic health issues is a full-time job, so where can busy, burdened parents find support? Heather B. Amos collated the stories in I’m Not “OK” to answer that question. Her goal is to foster a compassionate and nurturing community of caregivers who find strength in numbers and thrive on the honest exchange of information.

Meriam Boldewijn

Meriam is a beacon of hope, coaching caregivers and business leaders with wisdom, insights, and strategies. She leaves audiences inspired, ready to conquer life’s challenges with renewed vigor. Her journey from burnout to powerhouse demonstrates the strength within each of us.