An estimated 16.8 million people in America are caring for a child with disabilities.

The demands of 24/7 caregiving take a heavy toll on their wellbeing.

43% of special needs caregivers report experiencing high stress.


30% of special needs caregivers say caregiving has worsened their health.


26% of special needs caregivers report their health is fair or poor (compared to 13% of the general adult population).


“Society is only as healthy as the caregivers. If you want a healthy society, you need to take care of the caregiver’s needs.”

– Jess Ronne

Feeling pressure to make it look like they have everything under control, caregivers often feel alone in their struggle.

If anything is going to change — if caregivers are ever going to get the support and resources they deserve — they first have to be seen and heard.

The Unseen documentary puts faces and stories to this issue to enable change for millions of caregivers and their families.

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