Bring the UNSEEN Documentary to Your Organization

We are partnering with groups to host screening events that jumpstart the conversation about improving support for caregivers and their families. Complete the form at the bottom of the page to get started.

Interested in hosting a small screening for family and friends? Start here.

What is a screening?

A screening is an opportunity to bring the film to your group — big or small. We provide access to the film and a screening kit with additional tools, including promotional assets and discussion guides.

How does it work?

Screenings can be virtual, in-person or demand — or a combination of all! We have several options for screening packages to achieve a variety of goals and maximize your impact. We’ll work with you to determine the right fit.

Live Virtual

Your screening event will be at a set date and time, online. Your audience can watch the film from any location, at the exact date and time of your choosing, in a synchronized stream. You can enable live text chat and host a live video broadcast before and/or after the film plays.


Your screening event will be on-demandonline. We provide you with an easy way for your audience to watch the film online, on their own time. You set the dates for a designated viewing window and attendees will have 48 hours to finish the film once they start it. You can host discussion groups for further engagement.


Your screening event will be at a set date and timein-person. Host your event at any location, like a meeting room, auditorium, or even a local theater. You’ll have access to securely download and play the film during your event.

Who can host a screening?

We are working with groups of all shapes and sizes all over the world to host screenings!

Why host a screening?

A film screening is a great opportunity to engage your audience with high-quality content and discuss this important topic. Your audience will get an exclusive chance to see the film, and you can include “bonus content” like a discussion panel, Q&A, or workshop.

What is the cost of a screening?

Our goal is for screenings to be affordable for organizations of all sizes. Tell us about your audience and intended usage, and we’ll discuss the details. The screening can even be leveraged as a fundraiser for your organization!

Complete the Form to Get Started

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