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What is a private screening?

When the film is completed, groups will have the opportunity to host private screenings, online or in-person, with their audience. We’ll provide access to the film and screening kit with additional tools, including assets for promotion.

Who can host a private screening?

Anyone! Conferences, nonprofits, corporations, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, churches, clubs, public libraries, foundations, advocacy groups, Facebook Groups, podcasts, museums, businesses…

What are the benefits of hosting a screening for your group?

A film screening is a great opportunity to engage your audience with high-quality content. Your audience will get an exclusive chance to see the film before it is released. It can be used as a fundraiser, and as part of a group discussion, panel, workshop, presentation, or continuing education.

What is the cost of a screening?

Our goal is for screening to be affordable for organizations of all sizes. Tell us about your audience and intended usage, and we’ll discuss the details. The screening can even be leveraged a fundraiser for your organization! 




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