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#CaregiverTruth: Finding Respite as a Caregiver

Respite can be a game changer, but is often so hard to come by as a caregiver. Do you have opportunities for respite?

#CaregiverTruth: How is self-care challenging as a caregiver?

Finding the time and support necessary for self-care can seem impossible at times for caregivers. What’s your experience?

#CaregiverTruth: Do you ask for help as a caregiver?

It can be hard to ask for help. As a caregiver, do you ask for help?

#CaregiverTruth: How has caregiving changed your perspective?

How has being a caregiver changed your perspective on life?

#CaregiverTruth: What is the cost of caregiving?

What is the cost of caregiving?

#CaregiverTruth: What motivates you to be the best caregiver you can be?

What motivates you to be the best caregiver you can be?

Solutions in Reach Discussion Series

Explore webinars and panels discussing resources that present possible solutions to some of the challenges explored in the film.

Supporting Caregivers as a Competitive Advantage for Employers

When employees have significant caregiving responsibilities, particularly those caring for a loved one with special needs, their work lives can suffer. This can show up as presenteeism, lack of productivity and sometimes simply needing to leave their job altogether. These caregivers need help, which includes supportive benefit offerings from their employers. Beyond improving the well-being of these caregivers and ensuring they feel seen, what’s the business case for helping them? Furthermore, how can employers use offering caregiver support as a competitive advantage?

Join Unseen and Cariloop’s Care Coach Melinda Stroda for a conversation on how this support can boost productivity and engagement as well as be a differentiator for your company.

A DIY Approach to Long-Term Residential Care with Jess Ronne

There are currently close to a million disabled adults waiting for housing placement in America. Jess Ronne, Founder & CEO of The Lucas Project, has decided to tackle this issue one house at a time. Jess and her husband, Ryan, purchased Hope Farm, a property in west Michigan they plan to convert into a home for their son and other disabled adults. We’re talking with Jess to learn more about this initiative, and how others can replicate it in their communities.

Family CNA Program

What is the Family CNA program and how does it help family caregivers and states? We’re speaking with Team Select Home Care, an agency administering the Family CNA Program in five states across the U.S. The Family CNA Program offers an alternative, cost-effective care model allows parents and legal guardians of medically fragile children to become paid, certified caregivers for their medically fragile loved one at no cost to them or the state. Learn more about the program, how it benefits families and states, and how to bring it to your state.

Creating Caregiver Friendly Workplaces

A Better Balance is a national nonprofit legal advocacy organization that uses the power of the law to advance justice for workers, so they can care for themselves and their loved ones without risking their economic security. Watch this presentation to learn more about what a caregiver friendly workplace looks like and the ways that workers, advocates, and employers can continue to advocate for working families. Presented by Kameron Dawson, Senior Staff Attorney at A Better Balance’s Southern office, and Amanda Dyer.

Caregivers & Work Discussion Panel

Join Delphine Carter from Boulo Solutions, Kameron Dawson from A Better Balance, and caregivers Melanie Oates and Laurie Hellmann to discuss both the challenges skill sets of working caregivers.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

Q&A with Jess Ronne

Join our Q&A with Jess Ronne, one of the subjects of the documentary film “Unseen: How We’re Failing Parent Caregivers & Why It Matters.” Learn about the Ronne family, how to navigate marriage as a parent caregiver, managing guilt, and more!

Behind-the-Scenes Q&A Discussion

Chat with filmmakers Tom and Amanda Dyer and film subjects Jess and Ryan Ronne.