Creating Caregiver-Friendly Workplaces

1 in 5 working Americans are caregivers.

It’s time to rethink how we support caregivers in the workplace to improve their overall well being and productivity. Explore our practical guides for employers and resources for caregivers and advocates to start building a more caregiver-friendly workplace.

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How Caregiver-Friendly is Your Workplace?

Take this quiz to learn to what extent your company currently supports caregivers. At the end, you’ll receive a score and a free report detailing what your company is doing right and how it can improve.

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Created in partnership with Homethrive

Caregiver Toolbox

We’ve partnered with organizations and companies who are dedicated to supporting caregivers and their families.

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Helpful Guides

12 Ways to Support Parent Caregivers

Get 12 practical ideas for supporting the parent caregivers in your community, submitted by parent caregivers.


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Say This, Not That

Sometimes it can be confusing to know the right thing to say. Get suggestions submitted by parent caregivers to guide you.

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From Our Partners

The Lucas Project

The Lucas Project provides recognition, respite and resources to family caregivers of those with disabilities. You can nominate a caregiver to receive a care package, and find supportive resources for parent caregivers.


Books by Jess Ronne

Get to know Jess Ronne, the caregiver featured in the film, through her books. You can also invite Jess to speak at your event.

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