It can be confusing to know the right thing to say. We’ve compiled suggestions submitted by parent caregivers to guide you.


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Instead of This…

❌ I don’t know how you do it. / I could never do what you do.

❌ You’re a superhero / saint / inspiration.

❌ God knew you could handle it. / God only gives special kids to special people.

❌ Have you tried _______?

❌ It’ll get better. / Things could be worse. / At least it’s not _______.

❌ You poor thing. / What a shame.

❌ Let me know if you need anything. / What can I do for you?

❌ What’s wrong with your child? Your child doesn’t look like they have _______.

❌ You’re lucky to get to stay home. / At least you don’t have to go to work.

❌ Why don’t you take a break? / Don’t stress too much.

❌ You should practice self care. You should ask for help. / You should get a babysitter.

❌ You should _______.

Try This…

✅ You’re doing a great job!

✅ I see what a loving and devoted parent you are.

✅ I’m happy to listen if you want to talk.

✅ Thank you for trusting me with this.

✅ I’m sure it’s hard to talk about.

✅ Tell me about your week. / What’s new with you?

✅ How are you doing…really?

✅ I just want you to know I’m thinking of you.

✅ Tell me about your child. / What are their interests?

✅ I’m bringing over dinner tomorrow night.

✅ Can I come over with coffee this afternoon?

✅ I’m coming over to watch your kids while you rest or go out.

✅ I’m going to do _______ for you on _______.

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