We’ve partnered with organizations and companies who are dedicated to supporting caregivers and their families.

The Lucas Project

The Lucas Project supports caregivers by providing recognition and respite. Recognition is the first hurdle, and the second involves providing tangible relief for the families through respite options.


CapeAble® Weighted Products creates weighted blankets, wearables and sensory products with proprietary Smartweight® Technology to enable inclusive wellness for all.


Elea Village is a virtual community that offers support, resources, and expert advice for families of children with special needs. The Elea app helps digitize and securely store special education and medical records, and our virtual Care Concierge helps you find and apply for the services your child requires.

My Do-D.A.D.

My Do-Dad harnesses the power of “Daily-Activity-Documentation” to help you gain insight into activities, events, successes, and setbacks that are always happening on the road to independent living. It

Greater National Advocates

Greater National Advocates is a public service organization determined to improve the patient experience. Our trusted online portal allows patients and their loved ones to quickly connect with a knowledgeable independent Patient Advocate who has experience dealing with hospitals, insurance companies, doctors and long term care facilities.

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