Respite RESOURCES FOR Caregivers

We’ve partnered with organizations and companies who offer respite and retreats for caregivers.

The Lucas Project

The Lucas Project supports caregivers by providing recognition and respite. We believe that society is full of compassionate and kind individuals who want to help caregivers; however, if they don’t know what our needs are, they can’t help. Recognition is the first hurdle, and the second involves providing tangible relief for the families through respite options.

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We Are Brave Together

The heart of We Are Brave Together, an international community of caregiving moms, is to strengthen, encourage, educate and inspire all moms of children with disabilities through their unique and difficult caregiving journeys. To be a caregiving mom is to be a mother who cares for a child or adult child with any type of challenge: medical, mental, behavioral, genetic, developmental, psychiatric, learning, cognitive, or physical. The We Are Brave Together community is woven with one common thread: we are here to support and strengthen one another, and increase our mental health amidst chronic hardship. We offer support groups, (virtual and in-person), retreats, retreat scholarships, and, our Brave Together Podcast, which is a library of inspiration, stories, and resources.

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Rising Above

Rising Above Ministries offers support and encouragement for the entire special-needs family. Through a weekly podcast, resources for the family, a free app, and retreat events, Rising Above seeks to be a source of inspiration to families impacted by disability all over the world. To find out more, visit or download the Rising Above app on the app store or Google Play.

Take Care Time

Caregivers need respite too. Caregiving is the most unappreciated and thankless job in the world. That’s why we created the TakeCareTime respite box. It’s a bi-monthly subscription for caregivers to enjoy some much-needed time for themselves. With each box, you’ll get a bi-monthly supply of caregiving respite time essentials like books, soaps, puzzles, and more that are perfect for you to enjoy during your time away from caregiving. Our boxes are curated by caregivers, for caregivers, and packed with love! Learn more at

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The Heart of the Caregiver

Drowning in the emotions and responsibilities of caring for someone? You’re not alone. We’re here to help. The Heart of the Caregiver® provides the essential emotional and spiritual support YOU need.


Mother’s Rest

A Mother’s Rest coordinates  therapeutic respite retreats exclusively for caregivers who have loved ones with disabilities and/or chronic medical conditions. These 3-night B&B retreats are held at B&B “Porch Partners” nationwide, as well as at our own year-round respite inns located in Central Maryland and North GeorgiaView our retreat calendar HERE.

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Team Select Home Care

Team Select aims to provide exceptional in-home patient care, and proudly offers the Family CNA Program to parents and their loved ones in five states across the nation. The Family CNA Program offers an alternative, cost-effective care model that provides a solution for struggling medically fragile families and their loved ones. This program allows parents and legal guardians of medically fragile children to become paid, certified caregivers for their medically fragile loved one at no cost to them or the state. Team Select is working tirelessly to make the Family CNA Program available for families in need in all 50 states. Join our fight in creating the opportunity for all families to receive the care they deserve. Learn more at

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